"Of the earth..." finally.

Gotta Get the Red Out: Painting Bungalow Columns

Now that the bungalow is green, we want to remove all evidence of red paint. (And, boy, did the previous owners enjoy the color red!)

We’ve decided on Vintage Linen (Behr) for all the exterior trim. Again, from our research, pure white is rarely used as an accent color on early nineteenth-century bungalows. In fact, the color white isn’t even found on some paint swatches of that time.

To begin, we painted one of the only parts of the house we could reach without having to rent or borrow a tall ladder: the columns in the front of the house.

Other areas that we will have to paint Vintage Linen: the red trim around some windows, a red dormer in the back of the house, the red back porch, and the trim work around the garage.

At some point, we will also get a new front door—stained wood, not red. 🙂