2013-09-28 15.58.09

In Media Res: Feeding Squirrels, Running Races, Repurposing Artillery Boxes

Contrary to what you may have heard, we are still here. And we are still decorating the bungalow. We promise to send out a before/after Living Room post very soon. In the meantime, here are some events that occurred over the past few weeks…

Feeding Squirrels

In our last post, we discussed our exterior fall decor. We’re sad to report that the corn, which was real (not decorative), is no longer with us. You’ll see one of the culprits in the shot below.

Our new neighbors warned us that squirrels would likely eat our corn and pumpkins, and suggested that we either lather the decorations in Vaseline or spray it with hairspray. We opted for the spray. But apparently these squirrels don’t mind a little aerosol in their diet because they ate every single niblet and cob of corn we had. Next year, Vaseline it is.

2013-10-12 22.08.25

Running Races

Since our last post, Kent also successfully ran the Chicago marathon. It was a perfect day: sunny, clear, with a high around 60 degrees. Kelli’s parents even hopped on a plane to watch the spectacle. And what a spectacle it is: 45,000 runners and over 1 million spectators taking over downtown Chicago.

Kent finished right around 4 hours—not too shabby for someone who’s been renovating a house AND training for the race. 🙂

2013-10-13 11.25.49

Repurposing Artillery Boxes

As we cleaned out the bungalow’s garage earlier this summer, you might recall our finding an old tea jug, coffee can (from the 1930s), and a military canteen. [Picture here.] Well, we made another discovery, this time in the basement. Turned on their sides were two artillery boxes (at least that’s what we assume they are?). The writing on both reads:

Wm. F. Kelly
Camp Polk Extension
Leesville, LA
Cust 1070

Well, ain’t that something? Kelli is from Louisiana.

In any event, since neither of us bungalow owners “packs heat,” we decided to clean up the boxes, drag them upstairs, and use them as shoe racks. That’s right: shoe racks. Indeed, the former gun crates now contain shoes and sit sideways on our closet floor.

More bungalow stuff to come…