Down to the Bones (Demolition Day 1)

* * *

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As promised, our dumpster arrived today (below), and demolition happened. And, boy, did it happen (honestly, it’s staggering what a handful of workers can do in roughly 7 hours). The damage:

  • There’s now a hole in our roof where the top of the chimney used to be.
  • The wall between the living room and kitchen is gone.
  • The wall between one bedroom and the kitchen is no more, so the stairs are exposed.
  • The hardwood floors are now visible, some of which are going to need a bit of work, it appears.
  • All of the paneling and the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom/attic have been removed.


We’re now down to “the bones” of the house, as our inspector once put it (he assured us “the bones” were solid, by the way). As a result, we can see how houses were constructed in the early 1920s: lots of cinder block, brick, cement, wood, and plaster.

A second dumpster arrives tomorrow around 7:00 AM to gather the rest of the discarded materials. Of everything that’s left, we’re probably the most anxious to see what the enclosed porch will look like when it’s reopened—as it would’ve been in 1924.

Before-and-after pictures below. More to come…