Come and get it, Chicago Craigslisters!

Project 3: Getting Below the Surface (Carpet Removal)

As explained in “Project 2: Selling Appliances,” we sold on Craigslist the previous owner’s refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer, and dishwasher. Since that went so well, we thought we’d try another item on our let’s-get-this-outta-here list: the carpet.

Found in every room in the bungalow except the kitchen, the traditional khaki pile and berber have hardly been walked on. From what we’ve been told, the carpet was laid in February 2013. The house was put on the market about a month later, March 29, 2013. And since we had a contract on it the same day, we’re pretty much the only people who’ve stepped across the carpet.

One of the fun/scary things about renovating a house is not knowing exactly what’s underneath. As I tweeted earlier (yes, we’re on Twitter!), ripping up carpet in an old house is just like opening a present. You hope that below all that shiny packaging is an object you actually want, not one you need to return.

To be fair, we were aware that hardwood floors lay under the carpet in the living room, dining room, and one bedroom. The rest, however, was a gamble. So what did we find? Peach linoleum on the enclosed porch and pebbly linoleum on a bedroom floor and in the hallway. Finally, the attic bedroom floor features a large sheet of emerald green vinyl outlined with a gold stripe and plywood. It’s fancy, y’all.

The good news: the existing hardwood floors, which look to be in excellent condition, will be sanded and restained; and all other flooring will be removed and hardwood put in their place. Here are some shots of what we found below the surface…