Can lights in the kitchen.

Um, We’ve A Bit of a Snag: Cracked Beams and Other Updates

Upon removing the duct work in the basement, we found a cracked beam. This is not just any beam, mind you, but the main support system of the house. Uh oh.

The bad news: after conferring with the architect, our faulty 90+-year-old wooden beam will be replaced with three steel ones (and three steel posts to match). Next week, the poor bungalow will be jacked up—and I mean this literally, as workers will build a temporary wall, lift the house with a massive jack, take out the broken beam, and slip in the new one.

The (sorta) good news: at least this was discovered now.

Other Items to Report

The electrical overhaul has begun. Determining where to place lights, outlets, etc. is more difficult than we anticipated. We decided on the usual: abundant kitchen lighting, small spotlights over the fireplace, dining room chandelier, etc. But we also added outlets directly above the fireplace mantel, outside the front door (for Christmas lights), in the master closet (for ironing), and on the living room floor (for end-table lamps).

As well, each bathroom is now fitted for traditional bungalow sconces; we’ll have two sconces in the downstairs bath and three in the master bath. Last, we’re adding sconces on either side of the side-porch door. (Thanks, Michelle, for the suggestions!)

Second, the plumbing overhaul begins today.

Third, as I left the house this morning, two guys were hanging off the roof with siding and nail guns in their hands, so that’s good. The siding is currently primed white and should get a coat or two of Simply Sage in the next day or so.

Fourth, the heating guy comes next week to begin replacing the duct work, asbestos-free this time around!

Finally, we stopped by the neighborhood historical society to see what kind of information the curators had on our bungalow and/or its previous owners. We found a few interesting things. Will write about that soon…