De-vining: Our First (Tiny) Project

Since upcoming construction prevents us from moving into the house for another two months (yeah, it’s that big a project), we decided to tackle the outside.

As you can see from the first four pictures below, the poor thing had a bit of a vine problem, which we—well, mostly Kent—took care of in about an hour.

Confession: having rented properties for the last 4.5 years, we’ve not had to pick up a lawn tool in quite a while—much to my grandparents’ dismay, I’m sure (seriously, have you seen their yard, which they maintain on a daily basis? Try here and here.). In fact, we had to search the basement for the boxes that contained our (dusty) clippers, gloves, and lawn bags. But, hey, as the last picture illustrates, at least everything still works.

Breathe easy now, bungalow; you’re vine-free.