Dining Room: Before/After

At the Start

Finally! Here is the bungalow’s dining room, before and after. The first gallery shows the dining room (and part of the kitchen) when the house was on the market. Here’s a quick rundown of our likes and dislikes at the time:

The bad: Tiny entryway into the kitchen, beige carpet, white walls, and a (funky) light fixture hanging toward the front of the room (rather than in the middle).

The good: Decent-sized dining room, simple and original trim/headers surrounding all entryways and windows, loads of natural light, and easy access to kitchen and hallway.

During Demolition

This next set of pictures shows the dining room during the demolition and reconstruction processes. Poor thing. It looks as though someone busted down our door, went ballistic with a sledgehammer, and then, because he still wasn’t satisfied, ripped out the room’s guts (just like those vomiting jack-o-lanterns that are making their rounds on social media).


And here’s how the dining room (and part of the kitchen) look now. Some details…

  • The white walls are now dark gold (Behr’s Mojave Gold). Again, we’re trying to keep historically accurate warm tones.
  • Chocolate brown drapes now frame the four windows. (The 8-foot drapes are hanging by these $5.00 wood towel racks, which Kelli spray-painted oil-rubbed bronze. There’s a reason for the towel racks; perhaps we’ll do a post to explain!)
  • A new light fixture now hangs in the middle of the room, rather than right by the windows.
  • The dining room’s baseboards, most of which didn’t make it through the reconstruction, have been replaced and are slightly larger than they were.
  • The original white trim/header around the foyer/dining’s entryway did make it through the demolition and have been reinstated and repainted.
  • The most significant change is that most of the wall between the dining room and kitchen is no longer with us, allowing us to open up the space and use an entire kitchen wall that before was completely unusable.

We’ll do a before/after Kitchen post—but only after the butcher-block countertops are replaced with the ONES WE ORDERED. Grrrrr. In short, the wood counters are supposed to the same color as our hardwood floors (Dark Walnut), NOT light maple. We’re hoping this will be amended by Thanksgiving.

Immediate Before and After

And finally, for those who’d like to see the immediate befores and afters in a row…