No Money, No Problems: Demo’ing the Dining Room Ceiling

At this point (3 days in), virtually everything in the house that’s supposed to be ripped apart has been. So provided the materials are ready, framing should begin Monday morning.

Again, one never knows what one will find when gutting a house. For example, there could be massive water damage, missing boards, jacked-up flooring, termite issues, mold, and/or asbestos. Or on the more positive side, our contractor claimed his crew once found a large bag of money stashed behind the wall of a house they were renovating. Immediately he returned the cash to the owner, which subsequently caused a family squabble, each member fighting about who should get how much. HA!

Sadly, we’ve┬ádiscovered no cash during our demolition. But happily, no severe problems have arisen. The only hiccup thus far has been a bit of sagging in the attic, directly above the dining room.

The only wall we’d planned to tear down in the dining room was the one adjacent to the kitchen (to make it a more open space). But now the ceiling has to be removed so the contractor can repair┬áthe drooping above. Still, if after all that sledgehammering and demolishing, this is the only unexpected inconvenience, we’d say things are still lookin’ good.