Wood Floors, Stain, and Apologies

Our apologies for the lack of posts lately, but things have been hectic, to say the least.

Last week, Kelli rode around (what seemed like all of) Chicago searching for tile, interior and exterior doors, and paint swatches. Friday and Saturday, we had to move out of our townhouse and into a hotel since the bungalow still isn’t finished. Finally, school started this week, so blog-posting has taken a backseat to syllabus- and lecture-prepping.

What’s Been Happening…

A few days ago, the bungalow’s original hardwood floors were repaired, and new hardwood floors were laid in the kitchen and the rooms upstairs. Today, everything was sanded, and we picked a stain color: Dark Walnut, as seen in the image below (the one on the left).

We have several more pictures of the progress (shower tile, floor tile, subway tile, drywall, etc.). But again, we’ve just not had time to post. Hopefully things will slow down a bit once we’re actually in the house. When is that, you ask? The contractor is shooting for Friday or Saturday, so it won’t be long now.