Free Vintage Posters: Quick, Inexpensive Wall Art for the Office

Thanks to social media, a few weeks ago we came across the site Free Vintage Posters, which features (mostly) high-quality image files of vintage travel, circus, military, sports, and movie posters.

After sifting through all of the movie posters, we picked four: one featuring Charlie Chaplin, and the others from the films Flying Down to Rio (Astaire/Rogers), Guys and Dolls, and Hitchcock’s (weirdo) Vertigo. We also did one of Chicago’s World Fair for the basement, which we’ll eventually spruce up (see below).

Next, we uploaded the files to FedEx Kinko’s and had them printed in tabloid size (11×17). Then, we bought four cheap-o frames from the local big-box store.

The Guys and Dolls one needs a bit of work since those black bars don’t quite hit where they should. Still, the entire project, which will fill up one wall in Kelli’s office, cost less than $30.00. 🙂