A Simple, Homey Place: Bungalow Kitchen (Plans)

Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table. — Alfred Hitchcock

Based on Hitchcock’s quote and the amount of marital stress a renovation like this causes, I suppose it’s a good thing our bungalow won’t have a kitchen table—eek! We do, however, now have a rendering of our kitchen!

I met yesterday with with an employee from the company who’ll supply our kitchen cabinets to do a mock drawing. I gave him the dimensions of both the (tiny) room and appliances. Then, I told him the types of cabinets and accessories we wanted (e.g., white shaker, at least two glass-front cabinets, a spice drawer, a 24″-wide pantry, large drawers for pots/pans).

Within seconds, the designer typed all of that into a computer program, and we were on our way. Within 10-15 minutes, he had rendered the following, even including our butcher block countertops and farmhouse sink, which we’ll have to purchase from another company.



A few notes: the hardwood flooring and wood countertops will be darker. The cabinet and drawer handles will not be that color. The wall paint will not be that color. And two of the walls shown here won’t even exist.

Other differences: our refrigerator, which we’ve been lugging around from rental place to rental place for nearly 5 years, has French doors and a large bottom-drawer freezer (we’ll be glad to see it again; fingers crossed it still works!). And there will be a white subway tile (3×6) backsplash above all counters.¬†Other than those modifications, this is what we’re hoping to end up with for our bungalow galley-style kitchen. More to come…

— Kelli