Living Room: Before/After

We have one room that is nearing completion: the living room. Since it’s been a while, we’ve included some pictures of what the bungalow’s living room looked like on the day we closed, what it looked like during construction, and what it looks like now.

Refresher: the previous owners enclosed the original front porch and used it as a bedroom. To retain privacy, they “boarded” up the porch/den windows and in their place constructed built-in shelves for the living room. Also, beige carpet covered the light-colored hardwood floors.

We reopened the front porch, reinstalled windows, removed all carpet, refinished/restained the wood floors, painted the walls Behr’s Beachwalk, and tried to maintain warm tones throughout.

Most of the living room was not supposed to be touched during the demolition, but as you’ll see below, much of it was. Some of the room’s ceiling and roof were ripped out to reinforce the master bath, which now sits above part of it. Similarly, some of the original plaster was lost when the electrician rewired not only the living room (to bring it up to code), but also the side porch (on which he installed two exterior wall sconces on either side of the glass door).

Finally, we think all of the thick, white, simply curved molding and trim work (which we love) is original to the bungalow, so we salvaged what we could and had the workers duplicate any pieces that were destroyed during the demolition.

Okay, here’s the living room… Please note: some of the images are a bit darker and not as clear as we’d like. And some of the shots are panoramic; our living room isn’t really bowed out like that. 🙂

Immediate Before and After

For those who’d like to see the immediate befores and afters in a row…