Stalled No More: Construction Permit Acquired

For several days now—far too many by our count!—we’ve been waiting on the village to issue our contractor a permit so he can begin construction on the bungalow. The poor red-and-white thing has just been sitting there for days, insides gutted, waiting on someone to patch it back together. And so today, after what seemed like an excessive amount of bureaucratic red tape (it’s probably not), we received a building permit.

Fortunately, all the demolition you saw herehere, and here did not necessitate the coveted 8×11 piece of paper with Building Permit scrawled across it. But one is required to crack open the roof and install and dormers, to run new electricity and plumbing, to (re)create the galley-style kitchen, to refinish the porch, and to sand/restain hardwood floors.

So tomorrow at 7 AM, the framers and the electrician will descend upon the bungalow and start working their magic. And by magic, I mean circular saws ripping two 5-foot holes in our modest brown roof.

From The Family Handyman, this is how I’m imagining things will go down tomorrow…