No Fiddlers Up There, But We Do Have Holes: Removing the Roof

After securing the building permit, the contractor and his workers got busy. As shown in the gallery below, we now have two (we’re guessing 6 foot?) holes in our roof, one to hold the master bathroom, the other to hold the master closet.

The drawing below is the architect’s rendering of the front of the house and dormers. He initially presented us two options: Option A featured stucco on the dormers, and Option B, which we’ve selected, featured siding. We chose the latter since the dormer in the back of the bungalow (i.e., the master bedroom) is also wrapped in siding. That said, there’s also a dormer on the house with stucco. Someone apparently couldn’t make up his/her mind…

Speaking of making up minds, one of the next steps is deciding on the color of siding. Since we will ultimately paint the white stucco and red trim surrounding the entire house (SEND YOUR COLOR SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!), we must think ahead re: siding color.

No lie: this is one of the scariest parts of the renovation since I (Kelli) am making this decision—which affects the look of the entire house—by myself. Interior paint is easy to change, but exterior…nopeSeriously, people, a colorblind husband is no help in these matters.

I’m not kidding: please send your suggestions in the comments below or via email, Facebook, or Twitter. To keep in mind… we will try to remain “historic” in nature, which means earthy colors: browns, greens, and golds. Thanks!

The plan...