Photo Jun 14, 4 56 35 PM

Project 4: A New(ish) Backyard (Pulling Weeds, Laying Sod)

This weekend, we took on two projects: pulling weeds and laying sod.

Our backyard is a small one and nicely landscaped, but it’s apparently been a while since anyone took care of it. In fact, some of the weeds and their silver dollar-sized “trunks” could be mistaken for small trees, and most were growing higher than the shrubbery. We tackled this first.

We also pulled up two bushes behind the garage to enlarge the yard and provide more grass for our doggies (we gained another 50 square feet). Here are the bushes before removal, and then below, joined by all the weeds.

Photo Jun 15, 3 18 39 PM

Photo Jun 15, 4 25 10 PM

Photo Jun 15, 5 20 54 PM

See. We weren’t kidding about the amount of weeds…

Now that the bushes are no longer, we began to dig up the pavers and bricks scattered throughout the yard, next to trees, and under flowerbeds. At one time, the white bricks in the picture below were used as a foundation for a shed (so our neighbors tell us). We won’t be installing a shed, so we dug them up to make room for more grass.

Seriously, the previous owners must’ve loved them some bricks because this is how many we found…

Photo Jun 16, 12 10 50 PM

Photo Jun 16, 9 46 38 AM

Why are we laying sod when there is obviously grass, you ask?

Yes, the bungalow does have some grass in its backyard, but as you can tell from the shot below, it’s patchy. And since those two bushes by the garage along with the white bricks and those pavers leading to the white bricks are no longer gracing our presence, we thought it best to lay sod and make everything uniform. To do that, we needed to prepare the soil. At least that’s what the directions online told us…

Photo Jun 16, 9 47 58 AM

Photo Jun 16, 2 01 52 PM

Photo Jun 16, 4 57 30 PM

No matter what my grandparents—who do this kind of gritty work on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoy it—might tell you, nothing about this turning-the-soil process was fun…

Nonetheless, after several trips to Home Depot, a few layers of topsoil, and a bit of watering, it was time to lay and cut the sod—all of this was done by Kent, by the way. Following that came sod-rolling (that barrel-looking thing he’s pushing) to remove any air pockets, more watering, and voila: we have a new(ish) backyard.

Stay Tuned: we just got word that the architect’s plans are complete, and demolition on the inside of the bungalow begins next week!

Photo Jun 17, 4 22 59 PM

Photo Jun 17, 4 19 23 PM Photo Jun 17, 5 02 55 PM